Uncovering the Legacy – A Banded Brothers devotional

When I was a teenager my dad bought me an electric guitar. It was a Fender Jaguar with a built in distortion box …..  WOW !!!!  After about a year or so, I realized I wasn’t going to be a rock star. The guitar got stashed away for years at my parents’ home until I wound up with it years later. It was once again stowed away in the attic at my home for nearly 25 years until last week.
My son, an accomplished musician, was home from college for Christmas. I showed him the instrument and after some conversation, decided to offer it to him as a gift. Here is where the story gets good. On Monday he took the guitar down to Guitar Center to purchase new strings. When the technician saw the instrument, his jaw dropped. After further inspection, the store offered my son $13,000 for the guitar on the spot.  Yes I said …….  $13,000. When my son told me the story, I realized I had given him the guitar and assured him that if he wanted to sell it I was OK with him keeping the money. He explained the guitar had more that $13,000 in sentimental value for him and he was gonna keep it for his son one day.  That made me very proud to say the least.  
Not knowing, I had a vintage instrument within my reach that was worth hundreds time over the $75.00 my dad had paid for it. That made me ponder the possible multitude of opportunities and situations hidden away that could be of great value if I only opened my eyes and paid closer attention. We are quick to discard stuff and even people we come in connect with not knowing or recognizing the potential blessings they might bring into our lives. 
Finding the guitar has been huge reminder for me of how Jesus hasn’t discarded this broken and battered ole boy. God certainly has better equipped and higher performing disciples than me. What a blessing that we serve a King with a elongated attention span. One who doesn’t focus on short term gain or immediate gratification. Long term, there was a plan for the guitar which I was not aware of. Finding it at Christmas, giving to my son and witnessing him not simply pawn it off for financial gain has been a very unexpected blessing for me. Now …….  the guitar has new life and maybe finally its true purpose is being revealed.  It’s important to embrace the realization that is how God works, too. Don’t underestimate the treasures of your life’s attic.  
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