Thank You! – A Banded Brothers devotional

Thank you!
One of the earliest lessons I recall being taught as a youngster was to say “thank you.”  Whenever offered, say, a piece of candy, the proper and quite frankly required response was “thank you.” I can clearly hear my mom or dad saying, “Now son, what do you say ?” My response had better been “thank you.” Abiding by this rule was a necessity to assure compliance and mutual happiness between giver and receiver and the watchful parent taking pride in their mannerly child.
Yes, I learned “thank you” very early in life and used it frequently long before I truly appreciated the full impact of the words. It was basic behavioral psychology reduced to the simple fact,  no “thank you” – no candy. As I grew older the “thank you” habit stuck with me and I try to use it to this day. “Thank You” ( otherwise known as Thanksgiving Day by Hallmark ) has become quite an economic engine in our country. 140 million shoppers are expected to hit online and retail stores on “Black Friday”. The average spent per shopper in 2014 was $380.00 for a whopping total of $50 Billion … gobble gobble.  This spending frenzy brought on by Thanksgiving Day accounts for 30% of all annual retail sales. 
It’s customary to ponder our blessings maybe a little deeper this week. But I challenge you to dig a little further and really think about the meaning of “thank you”. It seems to me the underlying reason for the gesture is somehow payment to another for their generosity. Here are just a few of my examples …….  “Thank you” to my family and friends for loving me. “Thank you” to the military and law enforcement officers for putting their lives on the line to protect me. “Thank you” for the freedom to work and worship as I please. “Thank you” to the doctors and medical personnel who treated my cancer. “Thank you” to Jesus for saving my soul.
So …… after you have eaten your turkey, upsized the flat screen, swiped the credit card until you drop and in all that indulgence ………  take the time to say “thank you.” It’ll make your parents proud. Happy Thanksgiving.
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