Banded Brothers is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization of Christian men that have joined forces to offer assistance to the survivors of social, natural, economic and spiritual disaster.

Our Mission

Banded Brothers is dedicated to helping those who fall between the cracks of society when traditional means of assistance fail to measure up.

Toy Drive


Considering a contribution to Banded Brothers? There are many ways to support us in achieving our mission. Consider contributing your time, talent and financial gifts.

Latest Articles

Banded Brothers To Deliver Flood Relief Donations

BANDED BROTHERS will be offering delivery of donated goods to the eastern flood affected parts of our state.

Banded Brothers responds to Flood

The current situation in the southern and eastern sections of our state is devastating. Many people find themselves in a place of urgent need.

Uncovering the Legacy – A Banded Brothers devotional

The passing on a legacy from father to son reveals a new purpose