Devotional: 9/6/2022

By Charlie Gray

The last several cars Donna and I have purchased have been technologically way over our heads  …. well, at least for me. Don’t get me wrong, some options are great but my high tech prowess is old school.  This has become such a challenge that most auto dealerships have a tech specialist on staff to review and explain all the bells and whistles, gadgets and options.  Most recently I purchased an SUV and was referred to such a tech expert before I headed home.

The technician was a nice young lady and quick to detect my tech IQ or lack thereof.  She immediately “dumbed down” her presentation and began explaining to me what I needed to know with easier to understand vocabulary.  All the stuff that was no interest to me, she simply skipped over with no effort nor agenda to convince me otherwise.  

This experience led me to evaluate how complicated or agenda based my communication is to others.  It’s OK to have a different opinion or platform from others but do we take the time to consider if others really care.  If it is my intent to persuade or to inform, then a lighter, more simpler tone might yield better results. We each have our own field of expertise.  Whenever we talk about our area of speciality, do we talk over the heads of others?  Does our enthusiasm derail the effectiveness of the message?  What about our witness as followers of Jesus?

With all the division currently underfoot in the organized church these days, what kind of distorted message is being sent to those who are searching for faith based answers to life’s questions?  Seeking God’s word can be intimidating to those who need simplicity and clarity.  Might just be that we were better off when we had to crank down the window of our car or use a key to start the engine.

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